The Case for Envirocare: Prioritizing Stakeholders for Public Relations


  • Kenneth D. Plowman Brigham Young University
  • Brad L. Rawlins Arkansas State University


public relations, stakeholder, stakeholder analysis, stakeholder theory, stakeholder management, publics, situational theory of public behavior


In the early 2000s, Envirocare, a company that processes radioactive material, faced a state ballot initiative that threatened its ability to operate. To defeat the initiative, Envirocare needed to perform a stakeholder analysis to formulate an effective campaign. However, existent strategies for prioritizing stakeholder groups were inadequate and failed to consider potential crises and conflicts. This case study examines Envirocare’s challenge, provides an overview of a new stakeholder analysis strategy, and evaluates the outcome of the campaign. The outcome was successful as a consequence of more adequately prioritizing stakeholders in that the statewide initiative failed.