Editorial Team

Natalie Tindall (University of Texas at Austin), Managing Editor

Amber Hutchins (Kennesaw State University), Associate Editor

Daren Brabham, Founding Editor



As a peer-reviewed publication, CSSC relies on the manuscript reviews of qualified teachers, scholars, and practitioners of strategic communication. We are always looking for those willing to give their time and talent to the development of CSSC. At this time, we are seeking manuscript reviewers who would be willing to review at least four manuscript submissions per year.

If you are interested in being considered for CSSC’s roster of reviewers, please contact csscjournal [at] gmail.com, include “Reviewer Sign-Up” in the subject line, and provide the following information about yourself (or you may attach a resume, CV, or link to your website or LinkedIn profile if you’d like):

  1. Your name, title, affiliation, email address, and phone number
  2. Highest degree completed
  3. Briefly explain your academic experience in strategic communication (if applicable) – e.g., articles published, papers presented, courses taught
  4. Briefly explain your professional experience in strategic communication (if applicable) – e.g., years worked, in what capacities, in what organizations
  5. In what areas of strategic communication do you consider yourself the most knowledgeable?
  6. In what industry contexts do you consider yourself the most knowledgeable?
  7. What other specialties or areas of expertise do you have?
  8. How many reviews at most would you be willing to undertake per year?
  9. Please include any other information about yourself and your expertise that the editorial staff may use to better match you with case study submissions.