Editor’s Introduction: Using CSSC Cases in the Classroom


  • Daren Brabham


The second volume of Case Studies in Strategic Communication featured four outstanding case studies that made it through the peer review process to publication. These cases covered a range of topics: social media strategy in higher education, a tongue-in-cheek zombie campaign to educate the public about emergency preparedness, the widely publicized Susan G. Komen/Planned Parenthood crisis, and a student-designed campaign to reduce binge drinking on a college campus.

These cases may have enormous value in the public relations, marketing, or advertising classroom. They cover current issues in the public and private sectors, often with a focus on social media and the impact of new technologies on crises and strategic planning. In my own teaching, I have found that scholarly journal articles and textbooks provide theoretical and conceptual grounding, and having students present news clippings for class discussion helps connect these concepts to current events. What is missing, though, is a stronger bridge between the real events of the day and the major lessons from disciplinary journals and books. A skilled teacher can build these bridges for students, of course, but it is not without considerable effort. Hopefully, CSSC is that bridge for teachers.