Ben & Jerry’s Sends Out an S.O.S.

An Analysis of Ben & Jerry’s Global Climate Activism


  • Carly Brooke Epstein
  • Laura Garcia
  • Jessica Lou Podolin
  • Yan Jin
  • Rachel Lynn Kent


activism, climate change, public relations campaign, social media, corporate social responsibility, corporate communication, environmental, activist movement


This case study discusses Ben & Jerry’s global climate activism and its “Save Our Swirled” campaign in 2015. By developing the new ice cream flavor, “Save Our Swirled,” the company has drawn attention to the worldwide concern of global warming. Ben & Jerry’s has implemented multiple other strategies in its campaign, which include partnering with climate change activists, hosting events and writing articles to accomplish the ultimate goal of sending a petition to the 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference.


To cite this article:  Epstein, C. B., Garcia, L., Kent, R. L., Podolin, J. L., & Jin, Y. (2018). Ben & Jerry’s sends out an S.O.S.: An analysis of Ben & Jerry’s global climate activism. Case Studies in Strategic Communication, 7, 1-35.